How to Use Your GRE Break Time Wisely - dummies

How to Use Your GRE Break Time Wisely

By Ron Woldoff, Joseph Kraynak

Although you are given breaks during the GRE, they are brief, and you need to plan ahead so that you use that time wisely. For example, the GRE provides an optional ten-minute break after the third section of the exam.

However, don’t expect to have the entire ten minutes to yourself: Part of that time is for checking in and out while the proctors go through their security procedures to ensure that you’re not bringing in any materials to cheat with. The ten-minute intermission is timed by the computer, which resumes the test whether you’re seated or not. You probably have five minutes to do your business, which leaves little time to grab a bite if you’re hungry. Plan accordingly with snacks and water in your locker so that during your actual five minutes, you can refresh yourself without having to scramble.

Make sure your packed snacks are light and nutritious. Sugar makes you high for a few minutes and then brings you way down. Something heavy, like beef jerky, makes you drowsy. You don’t want to crash right in the middle of a quadratic equation. Take a handful of peanuts, some trail mix, or something light that isn’t going to send all the blood from your brain down to your stomach for digestion.

Between other sections of the test, you get a one-minute break — just enough time to stand up and stretch a bit. You don’t have time to leave your seat and come back before the test resumes. If you absolutely, positively must use the restroom and leave the computer during the test, just remember that the clock keeps ticking.