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Making Night Dives While Scuba Diving

The key to selecting a scuba diving destination is to honestly evaluate your skills and ask questions. Whether it’s a liveaboard or a resort, ask the booking agent or the management exactly what you can expect from the dive. If they don’t know, talk to somebody who does.

This is one of the advantages to booking with a dive travel specialist who knows the areas and can make sure you’re well matched to the destination.

Perhaps that destination is darkness. Just like on land, the underwater world is a whole different place at night. Diurnal critters are tucked into the reef, sleeping, and the nocturnal crew is out foraging for food. Many of the things that you can see on a night dive can’t be seen during the day.

Night diving is an advanced specialty. All the certifying agencies offer training in it, and nearly every resort and liveaboard offer night dives.

Night dives are normally shallow dives, conducted just after sunset, at a beginner dive site. Most divers don’t need any additional challenges when dealing with the handicap of darkness.