How to Use the Seated Trunk-Rotation Fitness Test - dummies

How to Use the Seated Trunk-Rotation Fitness Test

Compensations from a lack of spine and hip-rotation flexibility can also create stress in other body areas that aren’t designed to rotate. If left uncorrected, this physical limitation will eventually spell disaster by causing an injury.

1Sit forward in a chair.

Make sure that your spine isn’t resting against the back of the chair.

2Place a golf club across the front of your chest and shoulders (at the collarbone level).

Hold the club securely by crossing both hands in front of you.

3Turn your upper torso as far as comfortably possible to the right.

Sit as tall as possible in the chair, with your feet flat on the floor, both knees pointing straight ahead.

4When you’ve turned completely, look over your right shoulder and see where the end of the club is pointing behind you.

Mentally mark the spot on the wall and estimate the number of degrees of rotation that you’ve turned to the right.

5Slowly return to the neutral starting position and then repeat the trunk-rotation test to the left.

Repeat this test in both directions three to five times to get a good estimate of the amount of trunk rotation in each direction and which direction you can rotate farther and/or easier.