Responsibilities of Base Coaches in Baseball

Part of Coaching Baseball For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Baseball coaches are responsible not only for the play of the team as a whole, but for coaching players when they reach first and third base during a baseball game. The responsibilities of coaching each base are different.

What a first base coach does:

  • Encourages batter to hustle down first base line on infield hits.

  • Reminds runners of the number of outs.

  • Instructs runner when to take extra base and when to round first base but hold up.

  • Tells runners how far to go on pop flies.

The responsibilities of a third base coach include:

  • Sending runners home or holding them up at third base.

  • Letting runners know whether to slide into third base or come in standing up.

  • Assisting runners when tagging up by letting them know when to run.

  • Reminding runners of the number of outs.