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Using Office XP on Your Pocket PC

By Wallace Wang

Laptop computers continue to drop in price and weight, yet increase in power. Some of the latest laptop computers weigh less than three pounds and have enough memory and processing power to run a full-blown copy of Microsoft Office XP.

But rather than lug a laptop computer around the country, many people are opting for smaller, cheaper, and lighter handheld computers that run a slightly different operating system called PocketPC.

PocketPC comes with a miniature version of Microsoft Office — dubbed Pocket Office — that includes Pocket Word, Pocket Excel, Pocket PowerPoint, and Pocket Access.

These pocket versions of Microsoft Office provide fewer features than the complete Microsoft Office XP suite. But Pocket Office can share data with your Microsoft Office XP programs, making it perfect for taking your data on the road and viewing or editing it on a handheld computer.

So if you travel frequently but dread breaking your back carrying a heavy and expensive laptop computer, consider buying a handheld PocketPC computer and using Pocket Office instead.