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Understanding Key Components of Skype for Business

By Rosemarie Withee, Ken Withee, Jennifer Reed

You can use Skype for Business to communicate and collaborate in many different ways. Skype for Business’s instant message feature is a great tool for real-time discussions instead of trading emails back and forth. You can also conduct an ad-hoc meeting with people around the world, complete with recording, polling, screen sharing, and whiteboard capabilities. Use this reference to gain an understanding of the components of Skype for Business.

Component Description
Meetings Conduct scheduled and impromptu meetings and web conferencing from the comfort of your home or office with Skype for Business. During the meeting, you can share either your entire desktop or individual applications to enhance your collaboration. Add interaction to your meeting with a virtual whiteboard; participants can draw, type text, and highlight content. If needed, you can also record the meeting. Skype for Business meeting functionality is integrated tightly with Exchange Online. Setting up a meeting in Outlook with a Skype for Business link only requires a few mouse clicks.
Messaging Instant messaging (IM) in Skype for Business is a great way for information workers to stay connected and conduct real-time discussions. IM text in Skype for Business is encrypted and secure, so it’s an ideal solution for maintaining privacy and security in the enterprise.
Voice With the right plan, Skype for Business can come with enterprise voice capabilities that enable both Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) calling and dial-in conferencing. Users of the service can have a phone number assigned to them, make and receive phone calls from people outside of the organization, have a voice mailbox, and have voicemails transcribed and delivered to the user’s Outlook inbox.
Video For an almost face-to-face meeting experience, use the video capabilities in Skype for Business. Sharing videos during a meeting enhances interaction and minimizes the risk of missing social cues during a conversation. High-definition webcams are available at very low prices, so video sharing in Skype for Business can be a good alternative for in-person meetings that require travel.