Opening Dialog Boxes in Visio 2007 with Keyboard Shortcuts

By John Paul Mueller, Debbie Walkowski

Part of Visio 2007 For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Check out this list of keyboard shortcut combinations to open specific dialog boxes in Visio 2007 so you can quickly communicate to the computer and get the desired task completed:

Ctrl+K Display Hyperlinks dialog box
Ctrl+O Display Open dialog box
Ctrl+P Display Print dialog box
F1 Display Help pane
F3 Display the Fill dialog box
Shift+F3 Display Line dialog box
F5 Display drawing in full-screen mode
Shift+F5 Display Page Setup dialog box
Alt+F8 Display Macros dialog box
Alt+F9 Display Snap and Glue dialog box
F11 Display Text dialog box
F12 or Alt+F2 Display Save As dialog box
Ctrl+F4 Close active file
Ctrl+F2 Print Preview