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OneNote 2013 For Dummies Cheat Sheet

From OneNote 2013 For Dummies

By James H. Russell

OneNote 2013’s a powerful super-app that allows you to take notes and consolidate other Office 2013 content, and now you can even access your notes on all major smartphones and tablets whether or not they run a version of Windows. Check out this Cheat Sheet for helpful tips and reminders.

The Anatomy of a Notebook in OneNote 2013

A note in OneNote is set up like a notebook containing sections and pages, and you’d write your notes on the pages between the section tabs.


OneNote 2013 Content Tags

With OneNote 2013 tags, you can format individual parts of notes for easy searches, quick access, and easy organization. The following list describes the tags:


OneNote 2013’s Killer Keyboard Shortcuts

You can work faster and more efficiently with these handy keyboard shortcuts for the most common commands and actions you will be performing in OneNote 2013.

Purpose Shortcut
Open new OneNote window Ctrl+M
Dock OneNote Ctrl+Alt+D
Highlight selected text Ctrl+Shift+H
Insert a link Ctrl+K
Open current link Enter
Copy formatting of currently selected text Ctrl+Shift+C
Start playback of selected audio/video Ctrl+Alt+P
Rewind current audio/video a few seconds Ctrl+Alt+Y
Fast forward current audio/video a few seconds Ctrl+Alt+U
Toggle full-screen view F11
Move cursor to page title Ctrl+Shift+T
Move to search box and search all notes Ctrl+E
E-mail selected pages Ctrl+Shift+E
Create new section Ctrl+T
Move or copy current page Ctrl+Alt+M
Zoom in Ctrl+Alt+Shift+Plus Sign
Zoom out Ctrl+Alt+Shift+Hyphen