How to Write Notes in OneNote 2013 on the Android - dummies

How to Write Notes in OneNote 2013 on the Android

By James H. Russell

As with other mobile versions of OneNote, such as the iOS and web App versions, the Android version of OneNote allows you to access and edit notes with a minimal feature set in comparison to desktop versions of OneNote, such as OneNote 2013.

How to create a new note on the Android

You can create a new note no matter where you are in OneNote, whether you’re viewing a page, section, or your list of notebooks by tapping the middle button in the upper-right corner of the OneNote interface — it looks like a piece of paper with a lightning bolt on it.

If you’re in a section or viewing a note, the new note appears in that section; if you’re at the Home screen, the new note appears instead in the Unfiled Notes section of the Personal (web) notebook.

This icon won’t appear if your cursor is in a note; tap your device’s Back button to restore the New Note icon.

How to open existing notes on the Android

You can open an existing note from OneNote by tapping its name while viewing the section it resides in. To do so, from the Home screen, simply tap the name of the notebook the note is in, tap the name of the section it’s in, and then tap the name of the note.

How to add list elements to notes on the Android

List elements in OneNote for Android are hidden until you need them. To access them, tap into a note, and the buttons at the top of the screen will change.

From left to right, the buttons include the Camera button, which allows you to add photos to a note, and the three list element buttons, which from left to right are for numbered lists, bulleted lists, and check boxes. Tap any of these three items to add a number, bullet, or check box, respectively, to an existing or blank item.

How to record notes on the Android

If you’re on the run and want to speak your note to OneNote instead of typing it, you can. OneNote will take your recorded words and translate them into text characters. You can talk to OneNote using one of the more prevalent buttons in the Android interface: the microphone button, which is included on the keyboard and has an icon of an old-style microphone on it.

Follow these steps to speak a note into a note:

  1. Open an existing or new note and tap the note pane where you would ordinarily type.

    The Android keyboard appears.

  2. Tap the microphone button on the keyboard.

    The Speak Now screen appears onscreen.


  3. Speak your text into the device’s microphone.

    OneNote interprets your speech and adds its interpretation as text in the note, and the Speak Now text changes to say “Tap to Pause.”


    If you don’t start speaking immediately or stop speaking for an extended period of time, a keyboard icon appears at left, and the words “Tap to Pause” change to “Tap to Speak.” Tap the big circle on the screen and then start speaking.

  4. Tap the bottom portion of the screen (where it says “Tap to Pause”) while speaking to pause speech recognition.

    You can either tap the screen again to continue speaking where you left off or tap the keyboard icon to switch back to the keyboard if you’re done speaking and want to edit the text. You can also simply tap the device’s Back button to hide the keyboard and make the note full-screen again.

    A language drop-down list appears at the top of the Speak screen — it shows your default language, such as “English US” — here you can either choose another language or add another language if you haven’t done so yet.