How to Write Notes in OneNote 2013 for iOS Devices - dummies

How to Write Notes in OneNote 2013 for iOS Devices

By James H. Russell

Writing notes is easy in OneNote for iOS devices. Many functions are available, although the web App version of OneNote and the full OneNote 2013 app have much more functionality.

How to create a new note on iOS devices

You can create a new note no matter where you are in OneNote, whether you’re viewing a page, a section, or your list of notebooks. Here’s how:

  1. Tap the New Note icon in the upper-right corner of the OneNote window.

    A pop-up menu appears with two choices.

  2. Choose Create Note (Unfiled) or Create Note in Current Section depending on where you want the new note.

    The first choice files the note in your Personal (web) notebook under Unfiled Notes. The second choice creates a new note in the section listed at the top of the OneNote window, no matter where you are in the OneNote interface.

    If you happen to actually be in the Personal (web) notebook in the Unfiled Notes section, the second choice is grayed out because it’s redundant.

    After you make your choice, your new note appears as Untitled Page in the relevant section; to edit it, just tap it in the list pane.

How to open existing notes on iOS devices

Opening an existing note from SkyDrive is not complicated. From the Home screen, simply tap the name of the notebook it’s in, tap the name of the section it’s in, and then tap the name of the note to open it.

How to add a picture to a note on iOS devices

When you tap a note pane so that your cursor is in it, a keyboard interface appears. At the upper left of the keyboard is a camera icon. Tap this icon to bring up two choices: Camera and Photo Library.

  • Camera: Tap this item to summon the camera, with which you can take a new photo to add to your note. The camera screen is straightforward. It has a camera icon at the bottom that you tap to take a picture and a reverse camera icon at the upper-right that you tap to switch from front to rear camera.

    After you snap a shot, you see two buttons at the bottom of the screen. The left button allows you to retake the photo if you’re not happy with it, and the right button lets you use the photo if you’re satisfied with it.

  • Photo Library: Select this item to choose an existing image from your device’s Photo Library.

If your iPad has no camera, you’ll see Saved Pictures and Photo Stream as options instead.

How to name and rename a note on iOS devices

After creating a new note, simply type its name above the heading line at the top of the note. When you tap out of the heading area, the name appears in the note’s title in the list at the left. Replace an existing title to rename the note.

What you can’t rename or add on iOS devices

If you want to rename a section or notebook using OneNote for iOS, well, you just can’t. If you want to create a new notebook, well, you can’t do that, either. You can, however, rename sections or note pages or add new notebooks using OneNote 2013 or OneNote web App. You can rename notebooks on SkyDrive using the SkyDrive iOS app.

How to delete notes on iOS devices

You have two ways to delete notes in the iOS OneNote app, as shown here:

  • In the list pane, swipe a note item to the left, and a red Delete button appears; tap it to delete the note.

  • Tap the trash can icon at the top of the app interface; from the single-item menu that appears, tap Delete This Page.