How to Use the Windows 8 SkyDrive App in OneNote 2013 - dummies

How to Use the Windows 8 SkyDrive App in OneNote 2013

By James H. Russell

The Windows 8–style SkyDrive app is installed by default as a tile on the Start screen of OneNote 2013. The first time you access the tile, you may have to log in with your Microsoft account. After you do so, the SkyDrive app appears.


Folders appear as images with blue boxes at the bottom of each with a number showing how many files are in the folder. Files that aren’t in folders are to the right of the folders.

Here’s how to manage files and folders with the app:

  1. Click or tap a folder tile to open it and view its contents.

  2. Click or tap a file to open it in its default app or viewer.

  3. Select the Back button at the upper left of the screen to go back a screen, which equates to going up one folder.

    If you don’t see a Back button, you’re in the top SkyDrive folder.

  4. Select the down-pointing arrow next to the heading YourName’s SkyDrive at the top of the screen in your root folder to drop down a menu via which you can access files in Recent Documents or Shared folders.

  5. Right-click or press and hold on a file or folder to summon a bar at the bottom of the screen with options on it.

    The following list shows the possible options; the first four will be visible at the left side of the bar if a file is selected; you’ll only see Clear Selection and Manage if a folder is selected.

    • Clear Selection: Deselect the current item or items that are selected.

      Unlike when working with files in File Explorer or Windows Explorer, if you select one or more files and then click or tap it a second time — even after a few seconds — you’ll open the file with the default program instead of deselecting it. The Clear Selection button gives you a way to get around this.

    • Download: Use this item to download a file on SkyDrive to your local device.

    • Manage: Here you’ll find the important Rename, Delete, and Move options.

    • Open With: Select this button to view or change the app with which the current file opens.

    • Refresh: If you’ve made changes that aren’t appearing, use this button to refresh the current view.

    • New Folder: Create a new folder in the current location.

    • Upload: Select this option to choose a file from your computer to upload to SkyDrive.

    • Details/Thumbnails: Toggle between seeing simple thumbnails and seeing details about each file.

    • Select All: Select all items in the current view.