How to Take Notes as a Team with OneNote 2013 - dummies

How to Take Notes as a Team with OneNote 2013

By James H. Russell

You can invite multiple people to edit the same note at the same time with OneNote 2013, such as during a meeting, by housing the file on SkyDrive and sharing it. You will need to set up a notebook for viewing or editing by multiple people.

How to share via OneNote 2013

To set up a notebook for use by multiple people and to invite them to it using OneNote 2013, follow these steps:

  1. Open the notebook you want to share with OneNote 2013.

  2. Select the File tab and choose Share.

    The Share Notebook pane appears at the right.


  3. Choose from the following options:

    • Invite People: Click this link to invite people by e-mail. You can allow recipients to view or view and edit the note via the drop-down box to the right of the field where you input e-mail addresses or names, but you must choose the same option for everyone. You can add a personal message and choose if you want to require users to log in with a Microsoft account.

    • Get a Sharing Link: Choose this option to get a link that you can share with others via whatever method you choose, be it by posting to a web page, using a social media network such as Facebook, using instant messaging, or posting a link on a web page.

      If you want to enable editing only for certain participants and not others, share the Edit link with those you want to be able to edit the document and share the View link with others.

      One significant item that’s present in OneNote web App that isn’t present here is the Share Via Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter item. You can still share via these networks by grabbing a link here and sharing it on the desired network.

    • Share with Meeting: Select this option to share with an Outlook meeting. The meeting must be in process and must have note-sharing enabled.

    • Move Notebook: This option leads only to a link that explains the logistics of moving notebooks that are already shared and how this can cause problems with syncing.

How to share via OneNote web app

OneNote web App is the most functional version of OneNote aside from the desktop version, and sharing notebooks via OneNote web App is similar, but not identical, to doing so via OneNote 2013. Some options in OneNote web App just aren’t in the desktop version of OneNote, as you’ll see if you get familiar with both interfaces. Follow these steps to share a note via OneNote web App:

  1. Open the notebook you want to share with OneNote 2013.

    The notebook appears in your browser.

  2. Select the File tab and choose Share.

    A nondescript white pane appears showing a solitary button named Share with People.

  3. Click or tap the Share with People button.

    A pop-up window appears with multiple options for sharing.


    • Send E-Mail: Select this option to send a link to the note via e-mail. You can enter recipients in the To box and type a message, and you can choose to give editing access to recipients and require them to log in when accessing the note by selecting the appropriate check boxes.

    • Post To: After you click the Post To item in the menu at left, you’ll see a different set of options above the text box at right. Use this option to post the note to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or any combination of the three using the check boxes next to each network’s icon.

      You can type a message to post with the link in the large text field below the symbols for the networks — if you’ve linked any networks (see the following Tip if you haven’t). To allow those who click the link on your post to edit the file, select the Recipients Can Edit check box before posting.

    • Get a Link: This option lets you choose one of three options: View Only, View and Edit, and Public. Click Create below the first two options to make read-only or editable links. Choose the Make Public button instead to make the file or folder searchable on the Internet and accessible to everyone.

      This is the only place in the OneNote family of apps where you can see Microsoft’s link shortener in action. When you click or tap one of the Create buttons, you’ll see a Shorten item on the pop-up window that appears; click or tap that button to get a much shorter link to share.

    • Help Me Choose: This option links to a website describing the preceding options in this list.

How to share via OneNote for Windows 8

Currently, sharing via the Windows 8 touch-enabled version of OneNote is a pretty limited affair — you can share via e-mail or choose to open the note in OneNote 2013 and share from that app, but that’s it. To share from OneNote for Windows 8, follow these steps:

  1. Open the notebook to share in OneNote for Windows 8.

    This version of OneNote can be opened only from the Start screen and can be used only with Windows 8.

  2. Access the Share charm.

    The Share pane slides in from the right.

  3. Choose one of the following two options:

    • Mail: If you choose Mail, a pane appears showing a new e-mail in the Windows 8 Mail app already including the notebook as an attachment. If you haven’t set up your Mail account yet, you’ll first see a pane requesting your Microsoft account information.


    • OneNote: Choose this item to send the current page to the same notebook and section as a new page. A pane slides in from the right with which you can rename the new page if you like as well as a text field that you can use to add a note to the new page.