How to Capture Screen Clippings in OneNote 2013 - dummies

How to Capture Screen Clippings in OneNote 2013

By James H. Russell

Screen captures, or clippings, are useful for OneNote 2013 in all sorts of cases, from showing someone your favorite desktop background to creating documentation that shows things that may be hard for your readers to visualize and to help them orient themselves to the tasks you’re discussing.

Although for years you’ve been able to capture a screenshot with the Print Screen keyboard button, you can capture only the entire screen with that key or press Alt+Print Screen to capture just the active window. Those were your two choices.

With the Screen Clipping tool in OneNote, you can highlight just the part of the screen you want to capture and grab it so that you don’t have an extra step of cropping out parts of the screen or window that you don’t want. You are thus essentially cropping the shot as you take it. Here’s how:

  1. Summon the Send to OneNote Tool and click or tap the Screen Clipping button (or just press S with the tool open).

    The entire screen grays out, and crosshairs appear.

  2. Use your mouse or finger to move the crosshairs to the very upper left of the portion of the screen you want to capture.

    Everything in the box you create as you drag down and right around will be in full color instead of grayed out like the rest of the screen; the image will be composed of the area you capture.


  3. Click or tap and then drag the crosshairs down and to the right until the whole image you want to capture appears; then release the mouse button or lift your finger from the screen.

    The Select Location in OneNote window appears above your image.


  4. Choose one of the following to complete your screen capture:

    • Send to Selected Location: Select a note within the large field near the top of the window and then click or tap this button to send the screen capture there.

    • Copy to Clipboard: To paste the image manually into a note or to another location, click or tap this button, which copies the image to the Clipboard for use in Paint or other graphics programs.

      Near the bottom of the window is a check box that says “Don’t Ask Me Again and Always Do the Following.” If you’re finding that you’re always adding screen clippings to the same location, select this box to avoid having to choose the location each time. You can always go to the Send to OneNote section in OneNote’s options and reverse this choice.