How to Add a Picture in OneNote 2013 on the Android - dummies

How to Add a Picture in OneNote 2013 on the Android

By James H. Russell

OneNote allows you to add existing pictures to your note or snap an image for the note as long as your Android has a camera — as most devices do. You have two choices when adding a picture to a note:

  • Take Photo button: When you’re anywhere except in an actual note, you see a camera icon with a lightning bolt on it in the upper-right corner of the interface. Tapping this icon allows you to snap a shot for the note you’re currently viewing.

    If you tap this icon while in any notebook, OneNote automatically creates a note called Unfiled Note in your Personal (web) notebook under the Unfiled Notes section; the new image will appear in this note.

  • Photos button: This icon appears when your cursor is in the note. When this is the case, the buttons at the top of the screen change, and the top-left button becomes a camera. Tap this button, and a pop-up window appears where you can choose to add a photo from your gallery or to take a new photo.

How to take a new photo

Taking a new photo and adding it to your note are easy, especially if you’re already familiar with your phone’s camera.

OneNote doesn’t have its own camera; it simply “borrows” the camera Android is set to use. The features of your camera depend on the version of Android you’re using. The app doesn’t support more advanced camera modes such as panorama or Google’s Photo Sphere as of this writing; it supports only snapshots. Similarly, OneNote doesn’t support capturing and adding video.

Follow these steps to snap a new photo to include in your note page:

  1. Tap a note pane to edit it, if you’re not already there, and then tap the camera icon at the upper left of the screen.

    The Insert menu appears providing options to add an image from your gallery or capture a photo.

  2. Tap Capture a Photo.

    The default Android camera appears. You see the standard camera options for your version of the Android camera (the second release of what Google nicknames the “Jelly Bean” version of the Android operating system).


    An X appears in the lower left of the screen, which you can tap to cancel if you decide not to take a photo after all. A circle representing the camera’s options appears in the lower right. Tap this circle to control your camera’s options, such as flash, exposure, and so on.

  3. Snap a photo as you normally do.

    The X symbol remains, but a check mark symbol replaces the options circle at the lower right.

  4. Tap the X if you don’t like the picture and want to retake it; tap the check mark when you’re satisfied with the photo.

    Your note reappears with the photo in it.

How to add an existing photo

If you want to add a photo that you’ve already taken to your note, you can add it from your Android photo gallery. Here’s how:

  1. Tap a note pane to edit it, if you’re not already there, and then tap the camera icon at the upper-left of the screen.

    The Insert menu appears with options to add a picture from your gallery or capture a photo.

  2. Tap Image from Gallery.

    If SkyDrive or other apps are also installed, the first time you do this procedure, Android will present an overlay window asking which source you want to choose from. In this case, go to Step 3. If this doesn’t appear, go to Step 4.

  3. Tap Gallery, SkyDrive, or another source and then tap Always or Just Once.

    Your Android gallery or other source appears. If you chose Just Once, you will be asked again the next time you want to add an image. If you chose Always, OneNote will default to that source from now on.

    To undo this later, tap the Clear Data button by selecting OneNote under Apps in Android Settings.

  4. Tap among the various gallery folders to find the image you want to add.

    The image is added to the note.