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Office 365 Web Apps Offer Smooth Transition from Native Apps

By Ken Withee, Jennifer Reed

In addition to running Office applications, such as Word and Excel on your local computer, Office 365 also includes a web version of these applications called Office Web Apps. When working with the Office Web Apps, you simply open your web browser and browse to your SharePoint portal that contains your document. You can then open or edit your document right in the web browser.

Microsoft has gone to great pains to make the Office Web Apps experience very similar to the traditional Office experience. For example, when you are writing a Word document, you expect certain behavior. Microsoft has tried very hard to make the behavior you expect while working in Microsoft Word the same as you will find when using the Office Web App version of Word that is running in your web browser.

Because Office 365 uses a SAAS model, you are always instantly up-to-date. When Microsoft releases a new version of Office, your licensing is instantly upgraded. You don’t need to wait for the IT team to finally get the new product purchased and rolled out. When Microsoft flips the switch, everyone has the latest and greatest instantly available.