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Microsoft Office 365 Products

By Ken Withee, Jennifer Reed

The Office 365 product is actually a package of products sold on a monthly basis. In particular, these include Office Professional Plus, SharePoint Online, Exchange Online, and Lync Online.

The online part just means that you access these server products over the Internet. If your IT team were to buy these products and install them for your use in the company data center, then they would be called on-premise.

Finding someone who doesn’t use some aspect of Microsoft Office on a daily basis is difficult. Whether it is Outlook for e-mail, Word for creating and editing documents, or Excel for manipulating data, these old standbys seem to dominate the life of the modern-day information worker. Office Professional Plus includes much more than these old stalwarts, though. In particular, Office Professional Plus includes the following applications:

  • Word: Microsoft Office Word is used for word processing, such as creating and editing documents.

  • Excel: Excel is used for data analysis and numeric manipulation.

  • PowerPoint: PowerPoint is used to create and deliver presentations.

  • Outlook: An application that is used for e-mail, contacts, and calendaring, including scheduling meetings, meeting rooms, and other resources.

  • OneNote: An application that is used for capturing and organizing notes.

  • Publisher: An application that is used to create and share publications and marketing materials, such as brochures, newsletters, postcards, and greeting cards.

  • Access: A database application that is used to collect, store, manipulate, and report on data.

  • InfoPath: An application designed to create nifty and useful forms that are used to collect data from people.

  • SharePoint Workspace: SharePoint is great but what happens when you aren’t connected to the Internet and need to access and work with your website? SharePoint Workspace allows you to take SharePoint sites offline.

  • Lync: When you need to connect with other people, Lync is the tool for you. Lync allows you to connect with others by using features such as instant messaging and conferencing, including screen sharing, polling, and shared presentations.