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Microsoft Office 365 Cloud Attraction

By Ken Withee, Jennifer Reed

The cloud attempts to alleviate this tension by offloading the infrastructure to someone else — Microsoft in the case of Office 365. This frees up the tech people and lets them spend time optimizing the software for their business users instead of keeping the lights blinking green.

One of the biggest pain points in the corporate world is the interaction between business users and tech people. The business users couldn’t care less about technology and just want the ability to do their job easier and more efficiently. The tech folks want to provide the best solution possible for the business users but get bogged down with time-intensive technical tasks.


With cloud technology, business users are happy because they get a better solution and IT people are happy because their valuable time is not wasted searching the Internet for instructions on installing and configuring the latest software patch to fix a particular problem.


Offloading the work it takes to manage and maintain infrastructure allows you to repurpose resources to more valuable tasks, such as providing solutions that use software, including SharePoint to help sales.