Insert Pictures, Tables, and Hyperlinks to Notes with OneNote Web App

By Ken Withee, Jennifer Reed

A picture is worth a thousand words, so why not add pictures to your notes with OneNote Web App? If you’re more of a data person, use tables to organize information in columns and rows. Need to share a link but don’t want to display gobbledygook? No worries, the Link command is here to save the day.

How to add pictures to notes with OneNote Web App

You can insert pictures from a file in your hard drive or add ClipArt from

You can access the Picture icon from the Insert tab of the web app. When you select a picture in your page, the Picture Tools Format tab appears, providing you with options to scale or resize your picture or to enter an alternative text to represent your picture if, for some reason, it can’t be viewed.

How to create tables with OneNote Web App

To insert a table, go to the Insert tab and click the Table icon. Hover your mouse over the grid and select the number of columns and rows you want to add.

The Table Tools Layout tab appears, giving you additional options to manipulate your table like column, row, and cell selection; deleting tables, columns, and rows; adding rows above or below the selection or adding columns to the left or right of the selection; hiding table borders; and aligning the text within the cells left, right, or center.

How to add links to notes with OneNote Web App

You can insert a link by using two methods:

  • Go to the Insert tab and click the Links icon. A window appears, prompting you to enter the URL and the text to display for the URL.

  • Use the keyboard shortcut by pressing Ctrl +K to open the same pop-up window.