How to Use the OneNote Web App Interface - dummies

How to Use the OneNote Web App Interface

By Ken Withee, Jennifer Reed

OneNote Web App’s browser-based experience is a pared-down version of the OneNote 2010 user interface. By using a combination of HTML and JavaScript, the app renders a OneNote notebook in the browser that is ready for the user to edit and manipulate.

Accessing more commands and features from the rich desktop application is as easy as clicking the Open in OneNote icon on the Home tab or choosing it from the drop-down menu on the File tab.

You find four tabs on the Ribbon in the web app: File, Home, Insert, and View. Unlike the rest of the tabs, the File tab displays three drop-down menus to choose from: Open in One Note, Where’s the Save Button?, and Close. There is no Save button in the web app — your notebook is automatically saved.


Sections in the web app are displayed on the left navigation pane similar to the desktop application. Pages within the sections, however, are displayed right below the section in the web app, unlike the desktop app where pages are displayed on the right navigation pane.

Clicking the section in the web app hides or unhides the pages below the section. Clicking a password-protected section displays an error message with a prompt to open the section in the desktop application.