How to Do Something with Content in Office 365 Backstage View - dummies

How to Do Something with Content in Office 365 Backstage View

By Ken Withee, Jennifer Reed

In Office Professional Plus, the Backstage view is neither chaotic nor confusing, although people typically think of chaos and confusion when they think of the backstage for most events. Someone actually created a page on Facebook called “What Happens Backstage, Stays Backstage.”

In Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, the Backstage view is your efficiency one-stop shop. When you click File from the menu of the document you’re working on, and then click Save & Send, you will be presented with a host of options for sharing your document.

Here you can send your file as an e-mail attachment, save it to the Web through the Windows Live SkyDrive, save it to a SharePoint site (your most recent locations will automatically be listed), send via Instant Message in Lync, share your desktop window with colleagues by using Lync, and even publish your Word document as a blog!

There are many more features in the Backstage view you should check out, but in summary, think of it as the place where you do something with the content you created in a way that’s as simple and intuitive as the “what you see is what you get”(WYSIWYG) feature of the Microsoft Office Ribbon.