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Browser Requirements for Microsoft Office 365

By Ken Withee, Jennifer Reed

There are many points of contact with Office 365, and depending on which computer you are using to access the cloud services, you will want to make sure that your web browser is supported. Following is a summary of the browser requirements for the Office Web Apps, Outlook Web App, and SharePoint Online.

Office 365 Supported Browsers
Office Web Apps Outlook Web App SharePoint Online
Internet Explorer 7 + (on Windows) Internet Explorer 7 + (on Windows) Internet Explorer 7 + (32-bit)
Firefox 3.5 + (on Windows, Mac, or Linux) Firefox 3.0.1 + (on Windows, Mac, or Linux) Internet Explorer 7 + (64-bit) [with some limitations]
Safari 4 + (on Mac) Chrome + (on Windows) Firefox 3.6 + [with some limitations]
Safari 3.1 + (on Mac) Safari 4.04 + [with some limitations]

A light version of Outlook Web App exists if you happen to find yourself using or borrowing a computer that does not meet the minimum requirements for the full-featured experience.

The light version also loads much faster and is useful if you are temporarily using a very slow Internet connection. Even though the light version is not as feature rich as the full version, it accomplishes the basic tasks of e-mail very well.

For a detailed list of the limitations per browser when working with SharePoint, check out this Microsoft TechNet article.