Anywhere Access Comes with Office 365 - dummies

Anywhere Access Comes with Office 365

By Ken Withee, Jennifer Reed

Office 365 lives in Microsoft’s data centers and is accessed over the Internet. For this reason, you have connectivity to your enterprise software by using your desktop computer in your office, your laptop, or your mobile phone. In addition, all you need is an Internet connection rather than a special connection to your corporate network.

Having access to the software you use every day from anywhere provides a tremendous value and efficiency increase. When you have access, you can take advantage of unintended downtime. For example, you might be stuck waiting for someone and instead of just daydreaming away the time you could pull out your phone and respond to e-mails.

You will no longer feel that nagging urge that you need to get back to your desk to check e-mail and respond to the people that need your input. After all, they might be waiting for you to respond so that they can do their job.

In this way, you are not only maintaining your own efficiency during your downtime, but you are unblocking the people that require your input in order to maintain their efficiency and do their jobs.