Manage Contacts and Conversations with Lync Online - dummies

Manage Contacts and Conversations with Lync Online

By Ken Withee, Jennifer Reed

Lync Online helps you manage your contacts by populating the Frequent Contacts group with contacts based on recent conversations. You can manually add your favorite contact to this group by typing the person’s name in the search box, right-clicking the person’s name, and then selecting Pin to Frequent Contacts.

One of the four areas of notification in Lync is the Conversations area. This area shows your past and present conversations with a contact. You can view any of the conversations without leaving Lync.


Lync seamlessly integrates with Outlook and SharePoint Online so that you can view your contact’s presence and easily start a conversation from within Outlook or SharePoint Online. If you hover over the contact’s name or presence in an open e-mail, the contact card will pop up, allowing you to start a conversation. This feature is called click-to-communicate.

In SharePoint Online, Lync embeds the same presence indicator for users in a SharePoint site. If you have a task list in SharePoint, you can set it up so that the Assignees are displayed with the user’s presence status. You can also add a web part that displays members of the site with their presence status. You can initiate an IM session by clicking the presence status of the user.