Let People Know Your Presence Status with Lync Online - dummies

Let People Know Your Presence Status with Lync Online

By Ken Withee, Jennifer Reed

Foster collaboration in your organization by giving your co-workers an at-a-glance status of your whereabouts and availability with Lync Online. Share what you’re up to by entering text in the Personal Note section. You can enter text and hyperlinks in this section and your entries are displayed in the Activity Feeds, which provide real-time status of shared information within your organization.


Lync automatically displays your presence status based on your activity or Outlook calendar.

You can also manually update your status by selecting one of the following options from the Presence Status drop-down menu:

  • Available (green): Online and can be contacted

  • Busy (red): In a call or a meeting

  • Do Not Disturb (maroon with a white bar in the middle): Filter conversation alerts only from Workgroup contacts

  • Be Right Back (yellow): Stepping away from computer for a few moments

  • Off Work (yellow): Not at work, can’t be contacted

  • Appear Away (yellow): Displays when computer is idle

  • Out of Office (light gray with an asterisk at the bottom): On vacation or at work but not in the office

  • Offline (light gray): Not signed in to Lync 2010

Your location displays information based on the network to which you are connected. Make your location meaningful by giving it a more descriptive name (Home, Office, or Work). You can create a custom location simply by typing into the Location bar and pressing Enter.