How to Start an Office 2013 Application in Windows 8 - dummies

How to Start an Office 2013 Application in Windows 8

By Faithe Wempen

The most straightforward way to start an Office 2013 application is to select it from the Windows 8 Start screen. You can browse through the list of programs, or you can start typing the application’s name and then click its name when it appears.

Depending on how your PC is set up, you may also have shortcuts to one or more of the Office apps on your desktop and/or on the taskbar. These instructions are for opening and closing Office 2013 applications for Windows 8 users.

You can double-click a data file that’s associated with one of the apps, but because you haven’t created any documents yet, you can’t do that now.

When you’re finished with an application, you can click its Close (X) button in its upper-right corner to exit. If you have any unsaved work, you’re prompted to save it. As an example, here is a step-by-step demonstration of how to open several Office programs in Windows.

  1. In Windows 8, press the Windows key to display the Start screen.

  2. Click Excel 2013. (Scroll to the right to locate that tile if needed, as shown in the figure.)

    The Excel application opens.


Here is a second way to open any Office 2013 program, by using the search feature.

  1. Press the Windows key to reopen the Start screen.

  2. Type Word.

    The Search panel appears, and the Apps list is filtered to show only applications with “Word” in their names, as shown on the left in the figure.


  3. From the list of applications that appears, click Word 2013.

    The Word application opens.