Better Customer Engagements with Dynamics CRM Online - dummies

Better Customer Engagements with Dynamics CRM Online

By Rosemarie Withee, Ken Withee, Jennifer Reed

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a customer relationship management (CRM) solution that easily integrates with Microsoft tools and technologies such as Outlook and SharePoint. If your organization is looking for a better way to store and manage customer information, increase sales, and provide great customer experience, then you need a customer relationship management (CRM) solution.

The user-friendly interface of Dynamics CRM allows sales professionals to manage prospects and clients from their desktop computers or on most popular mobile devices. Marketing professionals can create and monitor marketing campaigns and measure their effectiveness using built-in analytics tools.

Understanding that customer service is key to business success, Dynamics CRM’s core functionality includes a ticketing system to log, respond to, and manage requests, complaints, and other types of feedback. It can create cases automatically from email as well as posts on social networks like Twitter and Facebook.

Beyond just making the sale and providing great support, you can also proactively manage your brand by using the Microsoft Social Engagement tool with Dynamics CRM. The tool has powerful social intelligence functionalities that enable you to gain insights about your brand based on what people are saying about you on social media. Those insights can then help you engage with your existing and potential customers more effectively. You can even drill down from the topics you’re monitoring to quickly analyze the conversations, locations, and even sources of the feedback or sentiment!