Working with SkyDrive in Office 2011 for Mac - dummies

Working with SkyDrive in Office 2011 for Mac

By Geetesh Bajaj, James Gordon

Collaboration is built into Office 2011 for mac. You can save your documents directly to the cloud (like SkyDrive) by choosing File→Share. Choose your public cloud using Save to SkyDrive. SkyDrive offers the following in exchange for you being subjected to advertising and also to the terms of Windows Live (which may change from time to time):

  • You get 25GB of file storage (any kind of file is okay). You can set file sharing permissions and set passwords on file folders.

  • You can save files directly to SkyDrive and open files directly from SkyDrive from Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

  • You can share a Word or PowerPoint document in real time with a collaborator.

  • You get access to Office Web Applications.

  • You can synchronize folders from one computer to another and your cloud.

  • You get version control. Keep track of who modified a document and when. On the SkyDrive Web site, select a filename in a folder list and choose More→Version History to access this feature.

  • You can co-author documents. Within in the SkyDrive Web site, you can co-author documents with others.

SkyDrive has free, online limited feature versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote. These rudimentary Web applications are designed to compete against other simplified free Office applications, particularly Google Docs and OpenOffice. Office Web applications give you access to your content from any computer that’s connected to the Internet. Also, it’s expected that Microsoft will continue to evolve these Web applications to make them more useful.

If you need to share a file with someone who doesn’t have Office or you want to open a file on a computer without Office (either Mac or PC), Web applications (SkyDrive or Google docs) can sometimes suffice for displaying or making simple edits to Office files. For example, Web applications are useful as free PowerPoint players.