Word 2011 for Mac: Add Static Guides in Publishing Layout View

By Geetesh Bajaj, James Gordon

You can add static guides, which are guide lines to help you align objects in the Publishing Layout view of Word 2011 for Mac. You can see the guides by clicking the Office 2011 for Mac Ribbon’s Layout tab, finding the Guides group and clicking the Show button, and then choosing whichever guides setting suits you best.


Follow these steps to add static guides to your document:

  1. Make sure your rulers are visible.

    If your rulers aren’t visible, choose View→Ruler to toggle them on.

  2. Position the mouse cursor over a ruler and then drag a guide line from the ruler into the document.

    It’s as if there are static guides secretly waiting for you to drag them out of the rulers! While you drag, Word tells you the location of the line on the ruler. Position the static guide as desired and then release the mouse button. You can drag static guides to reposition them.

To remove static guides, click the triangle next to the Show button on the Guides group of the Layout tab of the Ribbon and then choose Clear Static Guides from the resulting drop-down gallery.

Static guides placed on the Master Pages tab appear when you’re viewing both the Master Pages tab and the All Contents tab. Static guides placed on the All Contents tab don’t appear on the Master Pages tab. When removing static guides, you need to remove guides placed on the All Contents tab independently from the Master Pages tab.