Using the Word Organizer in Office 2011 for Mac

By Geetesh Bajaj, James Gordon

The Word 2011 for Mac Organizer is an amazing Mac-only tool that can copy the styles, autotext, toolbars, and macro project items from one template to another or from a document to another template. You can also use Organizer to rename or delete the preceding items, but copying styles seems to be the most common use for Organizer.

Opening Organizer in Word 2011 for Mac

Use the Styles dialog to fire up Organizer. Follow these steps:

  1. Choose Format→Style from the menu bar.

  2. Click the Organizer button.


Copying styles, AutoText, toolbars, and VBA items in Word 2011 for Mac

Here’s how to copy from one document or template to another template:

  1. On either the left or right side of Organizer, select an open document or template from the Styles Available In pop-up menu.

    The Styles Available In pop-up menu changes to AutoText, Toolbars, or Macro Project Available In as appropriate for the tab you chose at the top of the dialog.

  2. On the opposite side, select a different document or template from the Styles Available In pop-up menu.

  3. On either side, select something (style, AutoText, toolbar, or VBA item) to copy to the other document or template.

    The Copy button arrow will always point to the document that will be copied to.

  4. Click the Copy button to copy your selection to the destination.

    The item list of the destination document or template will automatically update to show that the item was added.

Word’s Normal.dotm template determines all formatting aspects when opening new, blank Word documents. Styles, AutoText, and toolbars saved in Normal.dotm are always available to you in Word. In Organizer, the Normal.dotm template is referred to as Normal (global template).

Even though Word for Windows doesn’t have the Organizer feature, the documents templates you make on your Mac using Organizer should work just fine in Word for Windows.

AutoText copy works only between two Word templates (.dotm or .dotx). AutoText can’t be copied to or from regular Word documents. Of course, you can use Save As to turn an ordinary Word document into a template and then copy the AutoText.

If you’re into using VBA to automate processes, you can get a code sample of the Organizer tool by turning on the macro recorder and then copying something from one document or template to another.

Renaming or deleting Word 2011 for Mac Organizer items

In addition to copying, you can select an item from either side of Organizer and then click either of the following:

  • Delete: Deletes the selected item from either side of Organizer.

  • Rename: Causes a small window to open that lets you type a new name for the selected item, which can be on either side of Organizer.