Office 2011 for Mac: Navigate Word's Advanced Layout Dialog Box - dummies

Office 2011 for Mac: Navigate Word’s Advanced Layout Dialog Box

By Geetesh Bajaj, James Gordon

To see all of Word 2011’s text wrapping styles, first select an object in a document. Then, on the Office 2011 for Mac Ribbon’s Format tab, find the Arrange group and choose Wrap Text→More Layout Options to display the Text Wrapping tab of the Advanced Layout dialog.


The Advanced Layout dialog is divided into three groups:

  • Wrapping Style: Text wrapping denotes how text in a Word document flows around the periphery of other objects, such as pictures and graphs.

    The following available styles are well referenced by descriptive icons:

    • Square: Text flows around all sides of the object.

    • Tight: Same as square, but the text is closer to the object.

    • Through: Text wraps to the wrap boundary instead of the selection indicator boundary (the default for all other wrapping options). Through works with objects such as certain SmartArt or ClipArt objects with clear space (or transparent backgrounds).

    • Top and Bottom: White space appears to the left and right of an object. Text appears only above and below the object.

    • Behind Text: Places the object in a layer behind the text. The text does not change position and behaves as if the object weren’t there. This works best if you have a faded object that contrasts with the text color.

    • In Front of Text: Places the object in a layer in front of the text. The text does not change position and behaves as if the object weren’t there, but the text beneath the object is obscured. You can adjust the object’s transparency to allow some see-through.

    • In line with Text: This is the default for inserting pictures and other objects. The object is placed at the beginning of the paragraph containing the selection cursor. The first line of text displays to the right of the inserted object.

    To change Word’s default picture insertion setting, choose Word→Preferences→Authoring and Proofing Tools→Edit. In the Preferences dialog’s Editing Options group, click the pop-up menu button for Insert/Paste Pictures As.

  • Wrap Text: This setting determines the side or sides that text is allowed to wrap around your object. Choose from Both Sides, Left Only, Right Only, or Largest Only. Largest means text will appear on the side that is the greater distance from the object to the margin.

  • Distance from Text: Use spinner controls to manually set the distance of text from the Top, Bottom, Left, and Right boundaries of your object.