How to Use Revision Marks in Word 2008 for Mac - dummies

How to Use Revision Marks in Word 2008 for Mac

By Bob LeVitus

Word 2008 for Mac makes it easy for you to use revision marks (also called the Track Changes feature) in your document. For example, you can create a file and send it to a coworker, who can then use revision marks to mark any changes. When you reopen the document, you see all the changes, and the comments are highlighted on-screen so that you can accept or reject any revisions.

To turn on the Track Changes feature and accept or reject revision marks:

1Choose Tools→Track Changes→Highlight Changes. In the Highlight Changes dialog that appears, select the Track Changes While Editing check box.

The Highlight Changes dialog has two additional check boxes: Highlight Changes on Screen and Highlight Changes in Printed Documents. Select them if you want to see the changes in color on your screen or when you print.

2Click the Options button in the Highlight Changes dialog to open the Track Changes Preference pane and change the colors used and the types of changes that will be flagged.

This step is optional.

3Click OK when you’re done to close the Highlight Changes dialog.

To see the comments in the little balloons in the right margin of the document, you need to be in either Print Layout or Web Layout view. You’ll still see the changes in the document in Draft view, but you won’t see the balloons or the additional information they offer (Deleted or Comment, for example, and the name of the reviser, date, and time).

4Accept or reject changes as necessary.

Choose Tools→Track Changes→Accept or Reject Changes to open the Accept or Reject Changes dialog. This dialog allows you to review the changes and accept or reject them either individually or all at one time.