How to Recover a Draft of a Word 2010 Document - dummies

How to Recover a Draft of a Word 2010 Document

By Dan Gookin

If you don’t save a Word 2010 document before Word closes unexpectedly, that document may not be completely lost. Computers crash. Users forget to save in a pinch. Or perhaps some other type of disaster has befallen your unsaved Word document.

When the planets are properly aligned and the word processing gods are smiling, it’s possible to recover those lost documents, the ones that Word calls drafts.

1Click the File tab and select Recent from the list.

You see the list of recent documents. When unsaved drafts are available, you see a link at the bottom of the list: Recover Unsaved Documents.

2Click the link Recover Unsaved Documents.

An Open dialog box appears.

3Select from the list the document that you want to recover.

The document may have an unusual name, especially when it has never been saved.

4Click the Open button.

Word opens and recovers the document.