How to Designate the Style to Follow in Your Word 2007 Document

By Dan Gookin

You can tell Word 2007 to change paragraph styles automatically as you create a document. For example, when you create a new document, you may want to start off with a heading style, followed by an intro paragraph style, and then a regular paragraph style after that.

1Press Alt+Ctrl+Shift+S.

This summons the Styles task pane.

2Select a paragraph in the style that you want to be followed by another style.

For example, if you want a Heading 1 style to be followed by a paragraph style, you would select text that is formatted as Heading 1 in your document.

3Click the New Style button.

It’s the left-most button at the bottom of the Styles task pane. The Create New Style from Formatting dialog box appears, with information about the style you selected.

4Select a style from the Style for Following Paragraph drop-down list.

This tells Word which style to switch to when you press the Enter key to end a paragraph.

5Click OK.

Now, when you press the Enter key after typing with this style, Word switches the next style to the style you selected in the Style for Following Paragraph drop-down list.