How to Check Your Spelling in Word 2010 - dummies

How to Check Your Spelling in Word 2010

By Dan Gookin

Spell-checking in Word 2010 works the second you start typing. Offending or unknown words are immediately underlined with the red zigzag of shame. Word can also be employed to scan the entire document word-by-word for your attempts at mangling the English language. Word can be trained to use the AutoCorrect feature to automatically correct your common typos and misspellings.

Word has an internal library consisting of tens of thousands of words, all spelled correctly. Every time you type a word, it’s checked against that dictionary. When the word isn’t found, it’s marked as suspect in your document. When you’re ready, say, during one of those inevitable pauses that takes place as you write, go back and fix your spelling errors:

1Locate the misspelled word.

Look for the red zigzag underline.

2Right-click the misspelled word.

Up pops a shortcut menu and the Mini toolbar.

3Select from the list the word you intended to type.

Click that word, and it’s automatically inserted into your document, to replace the spurious word.

If the word you intended to type isn’t on the list, don’t fret. Occasionally, Word’s spell checker bumps into a word it doesn’t recognize, such as your last name or perhaps your city.

4If the word is spelled correctly but doesn't appear in Word's dictionary, select either Ignore All or Add to Dictionary from the shortcut menu.

After you choose the Ignore All command, all instances of the suspect word are cheerfully ignored, but only in that one document. Choosing Add to Dictionary adds the word to Word’s custom dictionary, which is a supplemental list of spelled-correctly words used to proof a document.