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How to Apply Styles in Word on the iPad

By Peter Weverka

Word styles save time because when you apply a style, you apply several formatting commands on your iPad at one time. The Heading 1 style, for example, applies formats that are suitable for headings — a heavier font, a larger font size. Styles give you the opportunity to make headings and other parts of a document consistent with one another. All the first‐level headings look the same when you apply the Heading 1 style to all first‐level headings.

Every document comes with built‐in styles inherited from the template with which it was created. These styles are available on the Styles menu on the Home tab.

In Word 2011 (the desktop version of Word), you can tell right away whether a style is a paragraph or character style because symbols on the Styles menu tell you as much. Word for the iPad isn’t that sophisticated, though. Its Style menu doesn’t tell you which styles are paragraph or character styles.

All you can do is take a hint from the style’s name (maybe) to understand what kind of style you’re dealing with. For example, a style called Emphasis is likely to be a character style that italicizes words, whereas Heading 3 is almost certainly a style that applies to entire paragraphs.

Apply styles with the Styles menu on the Home tab.
Apply styles with the Styles menu on the Home tab.

Follow these steps to apply a style:

  1. Tap or select the part of your document that you want to apply the style to.

    What you select depends on the type of style you want to apply.

    • A word or phrase (character style): Select the word or phrase. The style you choose will be applied only to the word or phrase you selected.

    • A paragraph (paragraph style): Tap in the paragraph. Paragraph styles apply to the entire paragraph that the cursor is in. All you have to do is tap in a paragraph to apply a paragraph or linked style throughout.

    • More than one paragraph (paragraph style): Select all or part of the paragraphs. Because paragraph styles apply throughout a paragraph, you can select part of a paragraph. You don’t have to select all of it.

  2. On the Home tab, tap the Styles button and choose a style on the drop‐down menu.

Don’t like the style you selected? Tap the Undo button and start all over.

You can’t create or change styles in Word for the iPad. If you want to do that, open your document in Word 2011 for Mac or another edition of Word.