Where to Find Some of the Odd Things in Office 2008 for Mac - dummies

Where to Find Some of the Odd Things in Office 2008 for Mac

By Bob LeVitus

Part of Office 2008 for Mac For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Office 2008 for Mac is full of handy apps and helpful tools. The following list tells you where to find some of Office 2008’s unusual or out-of-the-way features and commands:

  • Clip Art: Office includes a tasty selection of clip art images; launch the Clip Gallery by choosing Insert→Picture→Clip Art (Word and Excel) or Insert→Clip Art (PowerPoint).

  • Symbols (such as ©, ™, ® or €): Choose View→Object Palette and click the Symbol tab (third from the left).

  • AutoCorrect On/Off: The AutoCorrect feature in all the Office applications can be a real timesaver. But sometimes it interferes with getting things done. When that happens, you can turn individual AutoCorrect items — such as Replace Straight Quotes with Smart Quotes Automatically as You Type or Automatic Bulleted or Numbered Lists — on or off by choosing Tools→AutoCorrect and then deselecting the check box for the item.

  • Application Preferences: You would think they’d be in the Tools menu, but you’d be wrong — you find them in the Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or Entourage menus. Or skip the menu and use the keyboard shortcut: Apple key+, (comma). Preferences are specific features, such as spelling and grammar checking, automatic saving, and WYSIWYG font menus, that you can turn on or off.