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Where Do I Find It in Office 2011 For Mac?

By Bob LeVitus

Part of Office 2011 For Mac For Dummies Cheat Sheet

There are a handful of Microsoft Office actions, items, and commands most people seem to use frequently. So here’s where you’ll find Clip Art, Symbols, the AutoCorrect on/off switch, and application Preferences for all Office apps:

  • Clip Art: Office includes a tasty selection of clip art images; launch the Clip Art Gallery by choosing Insert, Clip Art, Clip Art Gallery or launch the Clip Art Browser by choosing Insert, Clip Art, Clip Art Browser.

  • Symbols (such as: ©, ®, ™, , ✓, ÷, or €): Choose View, Object Palette and click the Symbol tab (third from the left).

  • AutoCorrect On/Off: The AutoCorrect feature in all of the Office applications can be a real timesaver. But there are times when it interferes with getting things done. When that happens, you can turn individual AutoCorrect items — such as “replace straight quotes with smart quotes automatically as you type,” or “automatic bulleted or numbered lists” — on or off by choosing Tools@@AutoCorrect and then deselecting the check box for the item.

  • Application Preferences: One would think they’d be in the Tools menu but one would be wrong — you’ll find them in each application’s eponymous menu (i.e. Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or Outlook menu). Or skip the menu and use the keyboard shortcut: Command+, (comma).