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What Scrapbook Can Do in Office 2011 for Mac

By Geetesh Bajaj, James Gordon

The Scrapbook, one of the important tabs within the Office 2011 Toolbox interface, is a multiple-item Clipboard with a memory that isn’t affected by restarting the computer. Scrapbook has some interesting capabilities. All you need is a little guidance about what’s going on, and then you’ll be whizzing around Scrapbook.

  • Filter Clips: After you have a bunch of clips assembled within your Scrapbook palette, you might find it difficult to locate that elusive clip you saved a few weeks ago. It’s at a time like this that the pop-up menu buttons at the top of the Scrapbook palette become immensely useful. When you click the Filter Clips pop-up menu at the top left, the menu is displayed. Choose which clips to display. If you choose the Title Contains option for example, you get a small box in which you can add some search terms.


  • Date: By default, clips are organized by date with the most recent at the top. Reverse the order by clicking the thin Date strip at the top of the pane.

  • View: The View pop-up button toward the top right changes the way clips are displayed in the Scrapbook. Choose from these views: List, Detail, and Large Preview.

  • Information: Displays the filename of the source of the clip, the date it was added to Scrapbook, its source application, and its size.

  • Rename: Double-click a clip’s name to activate the Rename capability. Type a new name in the resulting input field.

  • Preview: The preview is visible when Detail or Large Preview is chosen from the Scrapbook’s View menu.

  • Delete: Offers three options for deleting clips from Scrapbook:

    • Delete: Deletes the selected clip(s)

    • Delete Visible: This one is tricky! Clips that are displayed while using a filter with the Filter Clips feature will be deleted. But if you have Filter Clips set to show all clips, then all clips will be deleted.

    • Delete All: Deletes all clips from Scrapbook.

  • Resize pane: Drag the three dots to adjust the size of the clippings pane.

  • Organize: Click the disclosure triangle to expose the Organize pane.

  • Categories: Choose a category from the pop-up menu. After you assign categories, you can filter by category using Filter Clips. At the top of the Categories’ pop-up menu, you can choose the following:

    • Assign Categories: Displays a dialog that lets you assign more than one category to a clip.

    • Edit Categories: Displays a dialog that lets you add and remove categories. Click a category’s color box to pick a new color.

  • Keywords: You can tag selected clips with keywords. After you apply keywords, you can filter by keywords using Filter Clips.

  • Apply: You must click Apply to apply keywords to clips.

  • Revert: Revert is like Cancel. Type some keywords and then click Revert instead of Apply. Your keywords disappear.