Tips for Working in All the Applications in Office 2008 for Mac - dummies

Tips for Working in All the Applications in Office 2008 for Mac

By Bob LeVitus

Part of Office 2008 for Mac For Dummies Cheat Sheet

If you’re working with Office 2008 for Mac, you can use some of the same tips no matter which of the four applications you’re in. The actions in the following list work whether you’re in Word, PowerPoint, Excel, or Entourage:

  • Selecting stuff: Hold down the Shift key to extend the selection contiguously; hold down the Apple key to select noncontiguous words/sentences/paragraphs/cells/rows/columns/slides.

  • Creating projects: Create projects with Watch Folders in Entourage’s Project Center. If you do, then all the files associated with the project — even ones you didn’t create with an Office application — will be available in the Project Gallery’s Project Center tab.

  • Using Undo and Redo: All the Office applications have virtually unlimited Undos (shortcut: Apple key+Z) and Redos (shortcut: Apple key+Y). That’s cool, but the Undo and Redo icons in the Standard Toolbar of all the applications (except Entourage) have drop-down lists that contain all the actions you can undo or redo.

  • Focusing on the task at hand: Don’t forget the contextual menu, available by right-clicking (or Control-clicking) a word, cell, document, object, or almost anything else in a document. This menu usually contains commands that are useful only in the context of what you clicked and can save you time and effort.