Recoloring Pictures with Formatting Tools in Office 2011 for Mac - dummies

Recoloring Pictures with Formatting Tools in Office 2011 for Mac

By Geetesh Bajaj, James Gordon

Recoloring a picture with the formatting tools in Office 2011 for Mac applications can change the mood and sometimes add more visual interest than was present in the original picture. Or you may just need to change your pictures to grayscale for a publication that needs to be printed without color. Office makes these accent colorations easy. Click the Recolor button to display the recolor palette.


Hold the mouse cursor over each preview to see what changes it will make. The palette is divided into three sections:

  • Color Saturation: Choose a level of color intensity.

  • Color Tone: Various color “temperatures” are offered.

  • Recolor: Accents, tints, grayscale, and black and white are offered. The top-left position is No-Recolor. Grayscale is immediately to the right of No-Recolor. The rest of the top row is Washout and various shades of black and white.

    The second and third rows thereafter provide darker and lighter variations of recolored pictures, this time with the Accent colors.

The following additional options are offered near the bottom of the recolor palette:

  • More Colors: Displays the Mac OS X color picture. Choose a color from millions of colors.

  • Set Transparent Color: When you choose this option, the mouse cursor becomes an eye-dropper. If you click a color in a picture, it becomes 100 percent transparent. Whatever is behind the picture shows through. Not all picture types support transparent colors, so this may not work on every picture.

  • Picture Color Options: Displays the Adjust Picture tab of the Format Picture dialog.

Take advantage of the fact that all objects are in layers in Office. To make a mask (an opaque shape or picture with transparent areas that you can see through), set a transparent color in a picture and then position it over another picture, or even a movie, graph, or SmartArt. In PowerPoint, you can even apply animation to the mask and/or objects behind the mask.