Put Watermarks on Office Document Pages - dummies

Put Watermarks on Office Document Pages

By Peter Weverka

A watermark is a pale image or set of words that appears behind text on each page in an Office document. Watermarks are elegant and are one of the easiest formatting tricks to accomplish in Word 2011.

Two watermarked Word documents.

To create a watermark for every page of a document, go to the Layout tab and click the Watermark button. The Insert Watermark dialog box opens. Choose the kind of watermark you want:

  • Picture watermark: Choose Picture, click the Select Picture button, and select a Picture in the Choose a Picture dialog box. You can experiment with the options on the Scale menu to choose a size for the watermark. Don’t deselect the Washout check box — if you do so, your image may be so dark that it obscures the text.

    The Insert Watermark dialog box on Word.

  • Text watermark: Choose Text and either type a word or two in the Text box or choose an entry from the drop-down menu. Choose a font, size, color, and orientation for the words. Drag the transparency slider to determine how dark the watermark is.

    On the Insert Watermark dialog box you can choose to insert an image or text.

To tinker with a watermark, reopen the Insert Watermark dialog box. To remove a watermark, choose No Watermark.