Office 2011 for Mac: Make a Link to the Internet - dummies

Office 2011 for Mac: Make a Link to the Internet

By Geetesh Bajaj, James Gordon

One of the most useful tools in Office 2011 for Mac is the ability to make hyperlinks to just about anywhere. You can link to the Internet; to files on your hard drive; and to places within documents, workbooks, and presentations. You can make a link work from selected text or from practically any object such as a picture or shape, so to begin you select text or an object.

In Word, Excel, and Outlook, you simply click a hyperlink to activate the link. In PowerPoint, the slide show must be running before you can click a hyperlink to activate it. In Outlook, you simply type or paste a hyperlink into the message body of an e-mail, or into the hyperlink field of a contact.

You can link to almost any Internet Web page that has a URL starting with http://. Follow these steps to create a hyperlink:

  1. In a Web browser, navigate to the page you want to link to and then copy the URL in the address bar.

  2. In Word, PowerPoint, or Excel, right-click selected text or an object and then choose Hyperlink from the pop-up menu, or press Command-K, or from the main menu choose Insert→Hyperlink.

    Here what the Insert Hyperlink dialog looks like:


  1. Select the Web Page tab.

  2. Paste the URL of the Web page in the Link To field of the Insert Hyperlink dialog.

    You must include the http:// portion of the Web address.

  3. (Optional) Click the ScreenTip button to display a dialog where you can type a ScreenTip that appears when someone hovers a mouse pointer over the hyperlink.

  4. (Optional) Click the Locate button.

    If the Web page has anchors (bookmarks), the Select Place in Document dialog displays and lists the anchors. You can choose an anchor. Choose a bookmark from the list in the Select Place in Document dialog. Then click OK to close the dialog.

  5. Click OK in the Insert Hyperlink dialog.

    The hyperlink displays.