Migrate Microsoft Publisher Files from Windows to Office for Mac - dummies

Migrate Microsoft Publisher Files from Windows to Office for Mac

By Geetesh Bajaj, James Gordon

When switching from Office for Windows to Office for Mac, you’ll discover that you can’t open Microsoft Publisher files in Office 2011 for Mac. You need to convert your Publisher files to Word (.docx) format by using Microsoft Office on a PC. After that, you can move those Word files to Office for Mac.

When you open the Word file from Windows on your Mac, the result won’t be perfect. You have to recreate the links between the text boxes, and the layout may need tweaking, but this is the best way to migrate Publisher files.

To convert a Publisher document to Word in Office 2010 on Windows, do the following:

  1. Open the document you want to convert using Microsoft Publisher 2010 for Windows.

  2. Press Ctrl-A to select all the content.

  3. Press Ctrl-C to copy all the content to the Windows Clipboard.

  4. Open a new, blank Microsoft Word 2010 document.

  5. Press Ctrl-V to paste the Clipboard contents into Word.

  6. Click the Save button on the Quick Access Toolbar.

    The resulting Word (.docx) file can now be moved to your Mac.

If you’re moving other types of files from Office for Windows to Office 2011 for Mac, you shouldn’t experience many hiccups. Because the file formats for Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint are identical on both Macs and PCs, no file conversions are needed. After you copy your files from your PC and move them to your Mac, you can — with very few exceptions — simply open your documents and templates in Office 2011.

Files that contain properly written add-ins and macros should also work. Macros and add-ins that use Windows platform-specific code don’t work, but you usually can modify them to work in Office 2011.