Managing Files with SkyDrive in Office 2011 for Mac - dummies

Managing Files with SkyDrive in Office 2011 for Mac

By Geetesh Bajaj, James Gordon

If you’ve decided to use SkyDrive to store and share your Office 2011 files, you have two ways to save to SkyDrive without your Web browser. You can save directly from Office to SkyDrive, or you can save to a folder that’s synced to SkyDrive.

Saving files on SkyDrive in Office 2011 for Mac

To save directly to the service from Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, choose File→Share→Save to SkyDrive to display the Windows Live Sign In dialog. If you select the Save Password in my Mac OS Keychain check box, you won’t have to enter your username and password each time you sign in.

When you’re signed into SkyDrive, you see a file browser that displays your SkyDrive file folders. Choose a folder and then click Save to save your file into the folder. You can save only to the first folder level of SkyDrive. You can’t save to subfolders from within Office 2011 applications.


If you’ve created one or more synced folders in Finder using the Windows Live Sync application, you can choose File→Save or choose File→Save As and treat the Live Sync folder just like any other folder.

Windows Sync automatically synchronizes your folders with SkyDrive for you. Files in synced folders in Finder work exactly the same as ordinary files saved anywhere in Finder, but they are synced to the corresponding folder in your SkyDrive.

Opening files on SkyDrive in Office 2011 for Mac

Of course, after you put files into SkyDrive, you’ll want to open them, and so will the people you share them with.


Opening directly within an Office 2011 application

By choosing File→Open URL in Word, Excel, or PowerPoint, you can display a dialog that lets you paste the URL of a SkyDrive file. You can obtain the URL from SkyDrive by visiting your SkyDrive cloud in a Web browser and choosing either Share→Get Link, which presents the URL immediately, or Share→Send a Link, which sends an e-mail containing the link to either yourself or someone with sharing permissions.

Opening in Office 2011 from SkyDrive

In your Web browser, when you select a saved office file, you can choose Open in [Application Name]. This option causes the selected file to download to your Mac and to open in the appropriate application. This process takes a bit of time, so be patient and allow it to complete.

Opening Office files in a SkyDrive Web application

Another option is to open the document for editing or viewing right in the Web browser by choosing Edit in Document.


Your online editing options are as follows:

  • File: Similar to the File menu in Office. When you choose Save, you are saving to your SkyDrive folder.

  • Home: Displays the Ribbon in Editing View. You can edit the file in your web browser.

  • Open in [Application Name]: Downloads a copy of the file and opens the file on your computer in Word, Excel, or PowerPoint on your Mac.

  • Spelling: Check spelling on line.

  • Insert: Choose Table, Picture, ClipArt, or Link.

  • View: Choosing View→Reading View displays the document in what would normally be called Print Layout in Word. In the PowerPoint Web application, you can choose View→Slide Show, which runs your presentation as a show, or View→Notes to display what in PowerPoint 2011 is Normal view for editing (not Notes view).

  • Format: Selecting picture objects displays the Picture Tools tab of Web application’s Ribbon.

Opening as a regular file with Office 2011

You can always download a file from SkyDrive and save it in Finder on your computer. If you used the Live Sync application, you can open files in your synched folder as you would any other file.