Link to an E-Mail Address in Office 2011 for Mac - dummies

Link to an E-Mail Address in Office 2011 for Mac

By Geetesh Bajaj, James Gordon

In Office 2011 for Mac, when you create an e-mail address hyperlink in Word, Excel, or PowerPoint, the computer’s default e-mail program opens a blank, pre-addressed e-mail message. This works great as long as you’ve chosen a default e-mail program, such as Microsoft Outlook, and configured it to work with your e-mail server. If you use e-mail only in a Web browser and haven’t configured a default e-mail application, you won’t be able to send the message from your e-mail program.

To hyperlink to a new, pre-addressed e-mail message in Word, Excel, or PowerPoint, follow these directions:

  1. Display the Insert Hyperlink dialog by right-clicking selected text or an object and then choosing Hyperlink, or press Command-K.

  2. Click the E-Mail Address tab.

  3. In the To field, type or paste an e-mail address.

    Be sure to include the @ sign. The e-mail message will be sent to the e-mail address that you enter here. The Link To field at the top is filled in automatically as you fill in the To and Subject fields in the dialog.

  4. In the Subject field, type a subject for the e-mail that will be sent.

  5. (Optional) Click the Launch E-Mail Application.

    Click this button if you need to find out which e-mail application is the default e-mail application on your computer. After you click this button, the default e-mail program opens. You have no control over what e-mail program will be used on any other computer, so if you share your file with someone else or open it on a different computer, a different e-mail application may open.

  6. Click OK to finish making the hyperlink.