How to Remove Unused Keyboard Shortcuts from Office 2008 for Mac

By Bob LeVitus

Sometimes, one of the Office 2008 for Mac applications uses a keyboard shortcut that doesn’t make sense to you. Or a keyboard shortcut in one of the Office applications conflicts with a keyboard shortcut from another program. Fortunately, you can easily remove any unused Office 2008 for Mac keyboard shortcuts in Office.

To remove a keyboard shortcut from a command, choose Tools→Customize Keyboard. Select the menu or command category in the Categories list and then select the command in the Commands list.

If the command doesn’t appear in the category you expect it to appear in, try choosing the All Commands category, which contains every single command in the application. If you still can’t find the command, it may be because Microsoft gave the command a different name than the menu item that invokes it.

After you select the command, click the existing shortcut in the Current Keys field, click the Remove button, and the click OK. The unused keyboard shortcut is now gone.