How to Explore the Mac Office 2008 Folder - dummies

How to Explore the Mac Office 2008 Folder

By Bob LeVitus

When you install the Office 2008 software on your Mac, you don’t create a single application called Microsoft Office 2008. Rather, you create a folder by that name, which contains approximately eight items. (How many you have depends on which edition of Office you purchased and which options you choose during installation.)

Here’s a brief description of what each item in your Office 2008 folder does:

  • Additional Tools: A folder that contains several ancillary applications you might eventually need, including a Remove Office application.

  • Microsoft Entourage: The versatile Entourage includes six separate functions: e-mail client, Address book, appointment calendar, repository for notes, Task/To Do list manager, and project coordinator.

  • Microsoft Excel: You can use Excel to crunch numbers and create spreadsheet documents.

  • Microsoft Messenger: You use Messenger to chat with other Messenger users online. Messenger is similar to iChat, but not as pretty.

  • Microsoft PowerPoint: PowerPoint is the presentation-creating member of the Office family. You use it to create slide shows.

  • Microsoft Word: Word is much more than a word processing program. You can use it to create almost any document that contains text, images, or both.

  • Office: This folder is filled with stuff you never need to touch but that Office needs to run properly. The only thing you need to know about the Office folder is that you ought to leave it alone: Don’t put anything into it, take anything out of it, move it out of the Microsoft Office 2008 folder, or throw it in the Trash.

  • Read Me: This document opens your default Web browser (such as Safari) and includes a link to the Microsoft Web site, where you can find system requirements, upgrade eligibility information, known issues, and the like.