How to Disable Duplicate Fonts in Office 2011 for Mac - dummies

How to Disable Duplicate Fonts in Office 2011 for Mac

By Geetesh Bajaj, James Gordon

Everyone who installs Office 2011 for Mac should examine his or her font collection. Bad fonts can cause applications to crash in Office for Mac. You can take the following steps to disable any duplicate fonts on your system. Remember, this procedure does not remove any fonts, and you just want to turn off these duplicates so they don’t cause trouble.

  1. Double-click the icon for Font Book in the Applications folder.

    Font Book opens.


  2. In the Collection column, click All Fonts.

  3. Select any font listed under the Font column.

  4. Press Command-A to select all your fonts.

    The entire list of font names should be highlighted now.

  5. From the menu bar, choose Edit→Resolve Duplicates.

    If Resolve Duplicates is grayed out, good for you! That means your system doesn’t have any duplicate fonts.

Give Font Book a minute or two to process. You’ll know when it’s done when you no longer see the twirling wait indicator in the lower-right corner of the Font Book window. The more fonts you have and the more duplicates you have, the longer it takes. After completion, all duplicate fonts are disabled and won’t be used by your system. The fonts remain on your hard drive, mostly just wasting space.

Font Book is great for adding new fonts and managing your fonts. For more information, while running Font Book choose Help→Font Book Help and then browse the Help topics.