How to Customize Toolbars in Office 2011 for Mac - dummies

How to Customize Toolbars in Office 2011 for Mac

By Geetesh Bajaj, James Gordon

Customize your toolbars in Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac to increase efficiency and productivity. By making your own toolbars in Office 2011, you avoid repeating same toolbar in each window —which is what happens if you stick with the ones that come with Word, PowerPoint, and Excel.

Also keep in mind that your new customized toolbars aren’t prisoners of the document window. Instead, they float — they can be moved by your mouse to any screen position. You can change their shape by clicking and dragging the lower-right corner of the toolbar. They’re also dockable they gently stick to the top, bottom, left, or right edge of the screen and out of your way.

To make a new toolbar in Word, Excel, or PowerPoint, here’s what you do:

  1. From the menu bar, choose View→Toolbars→Customize Toolbars and Menus.

    The Customize Toolbars and Menus dialog appears.


  2. On the Toolbars and Menus tab, click the New button.

    The Add a Toolbar dialog opens.


  3. Type a name for your new toolbar and click OK.

    A very small box with an empty space on it appears onscreen. This small box is your new toolbar.

  4. Click the Commands tab of the Customize Menus and Toolbars dialog, choose any of the categories from the list on the left, drag commands to the new toolbar, and click OK to close the Customize Toolbars and Menus dialog.

    Your new toolbar appears in the toolbars list.