How to Check for Bad Fonts in Office 2011 for Mac - dummies

How to Check for Bad Fonts in Office 2011 for Mac

By Geetesh Bajaj, James Gordon

While installing Office 2011 for Mac, users should examine their font collections, as bad fonts can cause applications to crash. You can use Font Book to identify fonts that have problems and help you remove these fonts. Font Book classifies fonts into three categories:

  • Passed (safe to use)

  • Minor problems

  • Major problems

Here’s how you check for bad fonts in Office 2011 for Mac:

  1. Double-click the Font Book application in the Applications folder.

    Font Book opens.

  2. In the Collection column, click All Fonts.

  3. Select any font listed in the Font column.

  4. Press Command-A to select all your fonts.

    The entire list of font names is highlighted now.

  5. From the menu bar, choose File→Validate Fonts.

    The Font Validation window opens. Allow the process to complete. It may take a while if you have a lot of fonts that have problems. Font Book puts a green badge next to fonts that are okay. The yellow badges with an exclamation mark and the red badges indicate fonts that have problems.


  6. Click the pop-up menu in the upper-left corner of the Font Validation window, and choose Warnings Or Errors.

    Font Book filters the list to show only fonts that have problems that need to be resolved. A yellow or red badge appears next to each font that has a problem.

  7. Select each check box next to fonts that appear in the list when you’ve turned on the Warnings Or Errors filter.

    Each font selected should have a yellow or red badge. Don’t select fonts with green OK badges, which have check marks.

    Be certain the Warnings Or Errors filter is applied before selecting the check boxes. Do not use Select All; that can select all your fonts. You don’t want to remove your good fonts or system fonts!

  8. In the Font Validation window, click Remove Fonts.

    Any fonts you’ve selected are moved to the Trash. When you empty the Trash, they are completely removed from your system.

  9. Restart your computer.

To put your fonts back, right-click them in the Trash and choose Put Back. You can drag your deleted fonts out of the Trash and copy them to a disc to make an archive copy. To get rid of the fonts forever, empty the Trash while the fonts are in the Trash.